The Assembly is the Patriotic Degree of the Knights of Columbus Archdiocese of Washington District


Faithful Friar
Msgr Joaquin Bazan

Faithful Navigator
Sir Knight Eric Rodebaugh

Faithful Captain
Sir Knight Jose Rivera

Faithful Pilot
Sir Knight Richard T (Dick) Stevick

Faithful Comptroller
Sir Knight Richard A. (Dick) Bissell

Faithful Scribe
Sir Knight Scott G. Ford

Faithful Purser
Sir Knight Kevin M. Igoe

Faithful Admiral
Sir Knight Paul W Wood

Faithful 1-Year Trustee
Sir Knight Marc Alvarez, PGK, PFN

Faithful 2-Year Trustee
Sir Knight Jimmy Williams, PGK, PFN

Faithful 3-Year Trustee
Sir Knight Art Blenkle, PGK, PFN

Faithful Inner Sentinel
Sir Knight Arnie Rausch, PGK, PFN

Faithful Outer Sentinel
Sir Knight Paul Javier